“The universal is a place without walls”
(Miguel Torga, “Trás-os-Montes no Brasil”, in Traço de União)


New ways of managing heritage resources. Communicate and captivate in the age of digital technology.

At Baba Yaga we provide a wide range of services in Heritage, Museology and Anthropology.
We operate worldwide, always aiming to help those who seek us to promote what is unique and different.

-Creativity at the service of all cultures.- -Constant renewal of views and perspectives.- -New forms of managing heritage resources.- -Communicate and captivate in the age of digital technology.-


We provide a wide range of services in Anthropology and Cultural Heritage.

Museology and Museography

Production and management of permanent, temporary, traveling, physical and virtual exhibitions.

– Scientific research on exhibition contents.
– Structuring narratives and museological projects.
– Production of final contents for exhibitions.
– Museographical projects.
– Digital and physical models of exhibitions.
– Exhibition production and installation.
– Photographic records of the exhibition for print/digital marketing and releases.
– Design and production of catalogs and exhibition guides.

Management of Museums and Cultural Institutions

External management support, adapted to each institution's needs.

Marketing and Cultural strategy

Study and inventory of Material, Intangible and Documental Heritage.

Anthropology and Heritage

Research and consultancy in Business and Consumer Anthropology.
Anthropology Projects.

Graphic and Editorial Design

Production of print and digital work within the cultural scope.

Photography and Video

Documentation support on Heritage, Ethnography and Anthropology.


To and from Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Arabic.
-New forms of managing heritage resources.- -Communicate and captivate in the age of digital technology.-


We provide a wide range of expertise in Anthropology and Cultural Heritage.

Management of teams and projects

Coordination and management of teams and projects in Heritage, Museology/Museography and Anthropology.

Data Analysis

Interview analysis and identification of research guidelines to be developed.


Interviews for scientific, journalistic, fiction and documentary-making support.

Conservation & Restoration Products

Sale of conservation and restoration products.


Document scanning within the scope of the heritage inventory.


Registration of cultural assets.


Archival research services to support works of scientific, journalistic, fictional and documentary nature.
National and international research on cultural topics.
-Creativity at the service of all cultures.- -Constant renewal of views and perspectives.-


Our associates know the importance of what we do and the impact of our work on people’s lives.

Constança Vieira de Andrade

PhD in Anthropology, Constança founded a company that wants to point out the endless differences that make the world a place always ready for discovery and innovation. She called it Baba Yaga after the European folklore character that represents ancestry, enigma and ambiguity, all universal features that know no boundaries. A journey through Art and Museology perfected the ways of interpreting cultures, offering exhibitions, studies and publications that explore different points of view.

Constança leads and directs Baba Yaga and its associates in a free flow of creativity at the service of society, discovering and returning what ultimately belongs to it.


Daniel Camacho

Ana Maria Trabulo

Gonçalo Figueiredo

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